Sunday, September 06, 2009

Blog Moved

Please click HERE to be taken to our up-to-date blog.

See you there.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

We are now a Family Blog

Hello to all of our visitors.

From now this will be a family blog, in that all of my sisters and brothers will have access to the blog to post, add elements or do anything.

I hope also our children will agree to become co-authors as well.

We will continue to keep this blog going with our memories, photos etc.

In time we hope that this will be a blog that our grandchildren... and their children will be able to look on and enjoy... learning about their family in the process.

However, the blog will continue to have posts which will be of interest to our usual visitor from the older blog (click HERE) as well as our new visitors here on this blog.

We thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy what you read.


Because of problems with this page we are now to be found HERE.

Just follow that link above... and after trhat no more chasing links :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Replica Post

The following is a replica of a post that appears HERE.

Just a note to say that if anyone is experiencing unwanted popups (never heard of a wanted one) there's a replica of this blog. If you'd like to go there clicking HERE will bring you to it.

The blog is more up to date there too.

I'll keep both blogs going until such time as I find out where the popups in this one are coming from and removing the cause.

Meanwhile here's a little slideshow showing Seán my grandson as well as some photos taken locally.

Seán's poor face? I thought you'd be wondering about that. Some weeks ago he fell heavily against the sharp edge of a corner. We thought he was very badly injured but thanks in no small part to being treated quickly and efficiently by my son Jimmy who's a paramedic the injury was kept to an absolute minimum. Seán has a scar as you can see, but it's fading quickly as my daughter, his mother Antoinette, treats it daily.

And this post started as a short one about popups on my other blog site? :-)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hello again!

Where have you been eh? It's been awhile, but at last I feel more up to continuing my blog.

Before continuing with my stories I thought I'd introduce a video clip made at Summerhill, the place where I was born and where much of my old memories are based. The video clip begins at the junction of Summerhill and the North Circular Road.

But this is a Summerhill much changed from the Summerhill of my childhood. It'll be obvious which are the newer parts when you compare the obviously older parts which have hardly changed.

Summerhill in Wintertime....

Liz me cuz in Oz.. see if you can spot where you were born. That part of the street is wider now, but the bus stop is still in the same place, or very close to it's original spot. I can see my old school... the house where the old dinner house was is still there too. A close look will show the new houses going down in a slope where the old 27 Steps used to be. And how the junction of Summerhill and Gardiner Street has changed.

Back soon with a yarn or two......